Polyimide (Kapton®) Epoxy Adhesive Tape

Kapton Epoxy Adhesive Tape, Cover Film, Strengthen Film


This kind of adhesive tape is made of Polyimide film with imported hi-temp resistant epoxy adhesive and coated with release paper, which shows excellent properties as hi-temp resistant, electrical insulation, Chemical resistant, no toxicity, no harm to healthy and surroundings, coupled with its very low release peel force and its easy co-operation, the designed shape (Kapton® label, for example) by die-cutting, are widely used in Mobile Telephone and other all kinds of electron electrical equipments etc. This kind of tape is one of new developing adhesive tape at recent years, it also can be use as cover film and strengthen film on the FPCB making.

Data Form

Properties Value
Tape Color Amber
Overall Thickness 0.06mm
Backing Thickness 0.025mm (1mil)
Release Liner Thickness 0.075mm
Standard Length 100m
Peel Strength ≥6.2 N/25mm
Release Peel Strength ≤30 g/25mm
Tensile Strength ≥115 N/25mm
Elongation ≥55 %
Breakdown Voltage ≥6 KV
Resistivity ≥1.0x1012 ohm

Operation Instruction

  • This tape should be laminated with other material at 160C for 30 seconds under pressure, after laminating, you should bake the finished product at 140C for 4 hours to get the steady property.


  • 1. Standard width: 250 or 500mm, or slit into the width required Packing: In Carton
  • 2. Min Qty: 1000 m2 each size in a lot.
  • 3. Shelf life: material should be used with 4 months, the store temp. of this material should be under 6C, if the store period over 4 months, you should test it before use.
Note:The values noted in above technical specification are given only for our customers' reference and should not be used in writing specifications.