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Fiberglass Epoxy Varnished Netting Sheet

Fiberglass Epoxy Varnished Netting Sheet, Netting Piece


Fiberglass Epoxy Varnished Netting Sheet is made of E class none-alkali fiberglass yarn woven through special technical process into the netting shape then varnished with imported epoxy resin after baking, which provide good property of rigidity and toughness. Because it has good property meet the requirement of reinforced molding, it is widely used as the reinforced part in dry type transformer during the epoxy impregnating and molding process.

Data Form

Item Unit Value
Insulation Grade F & H
Resin content % 18~20
Water absorption % ≤8
Bending strength at rupture N ≥70
Tensile strength at rupture N ≥4000
Surface resistance Ω ≥1.0×1013
Surface breakdown voltage KV ≥18

Detailed Style Information

Style No. THK(mm) Width(mm) Style No. THK(mm) Width(mm)
80454 0.40±0.05 1000 81954 1.9±0.2 1000
80654 0.6±0.1 1000 82054 2.0±0.2 1000/1200
81274 1.2±0.2 1000 82098 2.0±0.2 1000/1200
81554 1.5±0.2 1000 82454 2.4±0.3 1000
81654 1.6±0.2 1000      
Remarks:Red color means Fiberglass Varnished Netting Sheet; Green color means thickness (unit: mm); Orange color means length (mm) of machine direction; Purple color means length (mm) of cross direction.


  • 1. Min Qty: 100kgs/lot, Packing: 25~50 kgs/carton
  • 2. Shelf life: one year from the data of delivery at the dry and ventilated place. It can still be used if it is qualified by testing after one year according to above Technical Requirement. Please do not open the package before using it to avoid the wet and dust that will affect the electrical property.
Note:The values noted in above technical specification are given only for our customers' reference and should not be used in writing specifications.